How often should I change the battery?

It is recommended to change the battery inside Bryton Speed sensors every 6 months to one year (results may vary depending on frequency of use). Bryton Speed/Cadence/Heartrate Sensors use the CR2032 battery size. Incorrect battery size usage will prevent the sensor from operating normally.


To replace the battery:

  • Gently twist the back cover of the sensor to the unlock position and remove the cap (being careful not to bend any of the metal components inside of it).
  • Remove and safely discard the spent battery.
  • Take the new battery and place the positive side of the battery to face the end cap with the negative end facing toward the sensor. 
  • Gently replace the end cap and turn toward the locked position.
  • Once locked in place, move/use the sensor until a green blinking light appears.


Smart Cadence/Speed Sensor 

Smart Heart Rate Monitor