Rider 15 neo

$54.95 $69.95

  • 2” crystal clear, high contrast display with built-in brightly illuminated backlight.
  • GNSS Satellites for speed, no sensor setup required. Simply mount and go for first time use!
  • Three easy-to-use buttons, 16 hours of battery, and post-workout analysis on Bryton Active app.
  • Smart notifications including calls, texts & emails. Compass mode for showing bike heading.
  • BLE SPD/CAD/HR sensor compatible with auto-sensor display, effortless pairing.
What's in the box?
  • Rider 15 neo
  • USB cable
  • Standard Bike Mount
  • Documentation
2 inches
Dimensions (mm)
46.1 x 71.1 x 21.6
Weight (g)
Battery Life
16 Hours
Satellite Support
GPS, Galileo and QZSS
Max Data Grid/Page
Log History
Smart Recording Mode: 120hrs
1 sec Recording Mode: 30hrs
Operating Temperature
14°F ~ 122°F
Speed/ Cadence/ HRM sensor
Power Meter Support
Barometric Altimeter
Supported Bike Profiles
Sync to Bryton Active APP

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Poorly designed, poorly executed

Screen scheme is complicated and disorganized. Fussy buttons, take too much pressure and too long of a press to take effect. Unless you bought the optional/spendy mount, it mounts with an elastomer. Since all the buttons are on the side (not the top), the elastomer lets it squirm from so much pressure from a single finger. In which case the buttons don't activate unless you use opposing pressure from two fingers and "pinch" to activate a button. The old Cateye, with top-mounted buttons and one-finger operation, was much better. Doesn't record ride data unless you press "record." Why can't it default to recording whenever the wheels roll, like the computers bikes have used for about a hundred years? If you ride off and forget to press record, the original "record" button no longer works and you have to press a different button to start it recording. In less than a month mine began resetting itself every time I hit a bump. Which means it lost all previous ride data and you had t0 figure out which record button to press to start it recording again.

Guilherme Lemos
não funciona bem

sempre tive problemas, o app está bem ruim de sincronizar, quando sincroniza, ele faz upload até 70% e trava, não faz o upload 100%

Eddie Rigoni
Hard to recommend

Very Frustrating. Not all trips upload successfully. Recording symbol is on, but when you try uploading your trip the unit states that there are no files to upload?


Bryton's most affordable GPS bike computer

$70 Bryton Rider 15 neo Review


Absolute Precision

Featuring Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) support, the Rider 15 neo accommodates more expansive coverage and dexterity in any type of geography, including substantial tree & building cover or in the mountains, as well as providing a wider variety of regions by incorporating GPS (USA), Galileo (EUR) and QZSS (Japan) satellites.

Twist | Click | Go!

Powered by GPS for speed and setup, the Rider 15 neo does not require sensor setup or profile configuration for first-time use. Just mount the device on the handlebars, power on and it's good-to-go!

Illuminate Your Rides

Night riding just got a lot more accurate! Equipped with a powerful built-in backlight, the Rider 15 neo’s high contrast screen can be brightly illuminated for riding in dimly lit areas or convenient night cycling with just a press of a button.
Additionally, this device is mix-and-matchable with any bike accessories and will not experience interference from other connected devices or LED lights.

Auto Altitude Calibration

With a built-in barometer, the Rider 15 neo can display both real-time altitude and temperature data for your current location and can additionally utilize the Bryton Active app to automatically calibrate altitude data when connected for more precise readings.

Smart Notification Support

See phone notifications, including calls, texts and emails, right on the Rider 15 neo after easy setup with the Bryton Active App via BLE (available for iOS and Android), This powerful feature helps to make the Rider 15 neo the definitive smart cycling companion for every Bryton user.

16-hour Battery Life

Equipped with a powerful 16-hour battery, the Rider 15 neo helps you to take on any distance or peak! Additionally, the Rider 15 neo's battery is rechargeable, both at home or on-the-go with mobile power bank charging support.

Bluetooth Sensor Support

In order to provide increased accessibility and compatibility, the Rider 15 neo integrates BLE Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate sensors including 3rd party sensors after effortless pairing. Utilizing high-tech BLE 5.0 components the Rider 15 neo increases data recording performance with sensors.

Popular 3rd Party Platform Integrations

Bryton Active is compatible with a wide range of powerful 3rd party platforms. Autosync data to Strava/TrainingPeaks/Selfloops/Relive, download maps from Komoot/Strava/RidewithGPS and sync trainings with TrainingPeaks. Bryton Active even supports training analysis from GoldenCheetah and others!

Customizable Data Display

Tailor the data display with the Bryton Active App! After pairing with Bryton Active App, data fields/pages can be customized based on training goals via BLE on your phone, and it's super easy to use!


Does Rider 15 neo display map?

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Will it work in a city with lots of tall buildings? How long it takes to pair the GPS with satellites?

Rider 15 support GPS which is capable to working in the outer environment, including in the city center, trail..., etc. Normally, it takes longer time (approximately) 5 mins to get the satellites signals ready when you 1st time using the device outdoor. it will pick up much faster (1-2 mins) afterwards.

Will Rider 15 neo connect with apple watch for hearth rate?

Bryton Rider 15 supports Bluetooth sensors. As far as we know that Apple watch does not provide heart rate data through Bluetooth. As a result that Rider 15 is unable to read heart rate data from Apple watch.

Will this work with Garmin cadence and speed sensors?

Bryton Rider 15 neo supports Bluetooth sensors. As long as the concerned sensors are BLE compatible they should work with Rider 15 neo.