Install Speed/Cadence Sensor

NOTE: Once sensors are waken, the LED blinks twice. The LED continues to blink when you continue to pedal for pairing. After around 15 times blink, it stops blinking. If not used for 10 minutes, sensor would go into sleep mode to preserve power. Please complete the pairing during the time the sensor is awake.


Install Heart Rate Sensor


  • In cold weather, wear appropriate clothing to keep the heart rate belt warm.
  • The belt should be worn directly on your body.
  • Adjust the sensor position to the middle part of the body (wear it slightly below the chest).
  • The Bryton logo shown on the sensor should be facing upward. Tighten the elastic belt firmly so that it will turn loose during the exercise.
  • If the sensor cannot be detected or the reading is abnormal, please warm up for about 5 minutes.
  • If the heart rate belt is not used for a period of time, remove the sensor from the heart rate belt.